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Sophos Free Encryption 2.40

Sophos Free Encryption offers protection by encrypting the data on your PC
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Sophos Free Encryption is an application which helps you protect your data by allowing you encrypt the files and folders stored on your hard drive.
The tool presents an intuitive interface which will allow you to easily add the files you wish to encrypt. You can either drag and drop a single file or an entire directory to the list or you can import the data by accessing the Edit section from the main menu. You will see that various pieces of information are provided for each file you have added to the list. You will be able to see the file name, its size, the date when it was added and the location on your computer. Once you have decided which files to encrypt, you need to click on the "New" icon to create a new encrypted archive containing the encrypted files. You will be required to provide a password which you will have to use every time you wish to open the encrypted archive.

Moreover, the Options panel will allow you to customize some options regarding the encryption and decryption processes, as well as the password history. You can select a default folder for the encrypting/decrypting operations you perform on your files, select a location for the password history file, etc.

To sum up, Sophos Free Encryption can be used by anyone who needs to make sure that their data is protected by a password which can be known only by the persons of interest. The tool is very efficient and fits its purpose through the simplicity of its functions.

Sean O'Reilly
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  • Encryption of large folders
  • Securely email your data
  • Intuitive interface


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